Holidayworkshop / vakantie boetseerweek

Last week there was a holiday workshop of 6 days in my studio.  My students made some fantastic dolls, you can see the results here.  I sculpted a doll alongside with them.  Enjoy the pictures !

Vorige week was een vakantie boetseerweek in mijn atelier.  Mijn leerlingen maakten prachtige poppen, het resultaat kan je hier zien.  Ik heb zelf ook een pop geboetseerd samen met hen.  Veel plezier met de foto's !!

A ravishing red head by the French Julie.  Een ravissante roodharige door de Franse Julie

Een schitterende danseres door de Nederlandse Truus.  A gorgeous dancer by the Dutch lady Truus.
And this is the doll I sculpted alongside these ladies.  Dit is de pop die ik zelf boetseerde in het gezelschap van deze dames.

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International doll & teddy-bear shows

International Doll & Teddy-Bear Shows 

including  Miniatures






Meet thousands of  Doll & Teddy-Bearlovers personally!


We invite you to attend our International Doll & Teddy-Bear Shows held in the Netherlands and Belgium.

There will be a variety of antique to modern dolls, including reborn baby’s and miniatures as well as hand-crafted and manufactured teddies and supplies. Books and magazines will be available for those interested in learning more about this hobby that brings back the child in us.

We hope you can join us.


 A selection of forthcoming International Doll & Teddy-Bear Shows in the Netherlands and Belgium:

August 21st & 22nd - 2010 - Bruges-Belgium

October 29th & 30st - 2010 - Ahoy' Rotterdam-Netherlands

April 2nd & 3rd - 2011 - Hasselt - Belgium






 Teddybear made by Helga Torfs




Int. Doll & Teddy-Bear Show - BRUGES - BELGIUM



24 th.International Doll & Teddy-Bear Show - Belgium


A World of Quality Collectibles !

Welcome to the 24th year of the most beautiful International Doll & Teddy-Bear Show in Belgium: Bruges!

This International Doll & Teddy-bear show is the premiere gathering place for collectors of antique and modern collectibles, accessories and  supplies, for doing business and having fun! 

Don’t miss this special event!


August  21st & 22nd. 2010  

Opening: 10.00-17.00

Admission: €8,00



City: Bruges

Location: Hallen Belfort

Address: Markt 7


By car, coach, ferry 

 Dover (UK)-Dunkerque (F) with Norfolkline.  Dunkerque to Bruges by car: 45 miles/50 minutes.

Dover (UK)-Calais (F) with Seafrance or P&O Ferries.  Calais - Bruges by car: 72 miles/80 minutes.

Ramsgate (UK) - Ostend (B) with Transeuropaferries.  Ostend - Bruges by car: 15 miles/25 minutes.

Hull (UK) - Zeebrugge (B) with P&O Ferries.  Zeebrugge - Bruges by car : 10 miles/20 minutes.

From May 18th 2009:

Rosyth (Scotland) - Zeebrugge (B) with Norfolkline. Zeebrugge - Bruges by car : 10 miles/20 minutes.


By plane 

Via Brussels Airport
Daily flights from 200 destinations in 66 countries.  Easy access to Bruges by train (one transfer in Brussels-Midi/Zuid).

Via Brussels-South-Charleroi-Airport
Multiple flights a week by low cost airlines from several European cities.  Frequent train and bus connection between the airport and Bruges.


Car - coach

In Bruges
Parking in Bruges (cars, camper vans)
Info for coach drivers
Public transport 


For touristic and cultural information :

Remember for Show updates, please visit our website at www.niesjewolters.nl 

or call us at 0031 578 628767


Want to be an exhibitor in our show? The Word doc. in the attachment contains the vendor contract. I hope you will join us! 

(this page will take a few seconds to load)



: “Hallenzalen”, Belfort - Markt, Bruges. Belgium





Teddybear made by Anna Hoo







           Rebororn doll by Lia Bottema




Int. Doll & Teddy-Bear Show - AHOY'- Netherlands







Fall is a great time to be at the international doll and teddy-bearshow in AHOY-Rotterdam!

This is definitely the best show in Europe. This very popular show celebrates in 2010 its 20th year anniversary

Our exhibitors are the finest in Europe!


Doll & Teddy-bear Art

This event has provided an opportunity for the public to buy high quality original artwork and design directly from emerging and international celebrated doll and teddy-bear artists in a relaxed atmosphere. The artist and the buyer meet face-to-face bringing the buyer true insight into the artwork they are purchasing. We believe that this creates a unique experience for buying your own exceptional doll or teddy-bear.


Every year the makers of the most popular doll and teddy-bear at the fair are presented with a prize awarded by the public.
The public can vote for their favourite doll by filling in the number of the doll on a card attached to the entrance ticket. The designer of the doll that receives the most votes is presented with the prize awarded by the public - the much-coveted exclusive Silver Dolls Ring that was specially designed for this purpose by a silversmith.
All of the dolls and teddy-bears entered in the competition are set out on the stand of the teddy- bear and dollmakers in question and they too have number that can be filled in on the card attached to the entrance ticket.

Save the dates for the upcoming 20th edition of the International Doll & Teddy-Bear show that will take place from  Friday 29th. and Saterday 30th. October 2010.


I look forward to seeing you in October for the most successful Doll & Teddy-Bear Show ever!




Getting to Rotterdam:

Rotterdam can be accessed in many different ways: by car, by boat, by train, by bus and by airplane. Flights from the most important cities in the neighbouring countries land regularly at Rotterdam Airport and an extensive network of buses, trams and metro is available in the city itself.


Want to be an exhibitor in our show? The Word doc. in the attachment contains the vendor contract. I hope you will join us! (this page will take a few seconds to load)



Address: AHOY' - Ahoyweg 10 - 3084 BA Rotterdam- Netherlands

October 29th. & 30th. 2010   Opening: 10.00-17.00

Admission: €10,00


This is the official website of the tourist information office of Rotterdam:






Int. Doll & Teddy-Bear Show - HASSELT- BELGIUM





Hundreds of dealers, thousands of collectors and just two days to see it all!   

This International event promises to be an absolute must for every serious collector!

The Doll & Teddy-Bear Show in Hasselt is the largest exclusive doll and teddy-bear showcase in Belgium and the European platform for upcoming talents as well as international famous artists in the field of doll and teddy-bear art and focuses as well on strong established antique and vintage toy dealers representing a selection of their highest-quality dolls, teddy-bears and accessories.

Save the dates for the upcoming 1st. edition of the International Doll & Teddy-Bear show that will take place from  April 2nd. and 3rd.  2011.

Open from 11.00 to 17.00

Admission € 8,00


Picture: Reborn doll by Miriam van Roosmalen

Apply early and benefit from the early bird discount

Want to be an exhibitor in our show? The Word doc. in the attachment contains the vendor contract. I hope you will join us! (this page will take a few seconds to load)


Hasselt can be easily reached from a junction of important motorways from different directions. The most important traffic axis is the E313 Antwerp-Liège motorway. In order to reach Grenslandhallen/Ethias Arena take exit 28 (Hasselt-Zuid/Sint-Truiden). The Grenslandhallen are located on the ring road around Hasselt, on the Gouverneur Verwilghensingel. 

You will find signs on all access roads in and around the centre of Hasselt, which point to Grenslandhallen/Ethias Arena.
The Grenslandhallen/Ethias Arena has a large parking for exhibitors and visitors.


Public transport: 

Take the train to the station of Hasselt. The Grenslandhallen/Ethias Arena can be reached by bus coming from the station.
When travelling by train to Hasselt, please check the timetables to ensure that there’s still a train home after the performance. 

The buses of lines H3, 45 and 20A coming from the centre of Hasselt also stop near the Grenslandhallen/Ethias Arena.
The timetable for the H3 free city bus is as follows: weekdays from 6.30 am until 7.30 pm, Saturdays from 9 am until 7.30 pm. There are no city buses on Sunday. The timetable for bus 45 is as follows: weekdays from 6 am until 11 pm, on Saturdays from 1 pm until 11 pm and on Sundays from 1 pm until 10.30 pm. The timetable for bus 20A is as follows: weekdays from 6 am until 11 pm, on Saturdays from 8 am until 10 pm and on Sundays from 10 am until 10 pm. On presentation of your ticket the public transport company De Lijn will provide transport free of charge from and to Grenslandhallen/Ethias Arena with these buses.



Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70                                                    

B - 3500 Hasselt - Belgium

Touristic info:  http://toerisme.hasselt.be/en/homepage/index.html







Please read  carefully, complete the application form, and return them by either emailing them to me info@niesjewolters.nl or by mailing them to:

Niesje Wolters van Bemmel

address: Diepertseweg 40 - 5424 TA Elsendorp - Netherlands


Do not hesitate to ask anything you want to know, for contact in the English language, please contact Suzan Wolters at: info@suzanwolters.com Tel: 0031 578 628767


Remember for Show updates, please visit our website at www.niesjewolters.nl 



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                                          Art Doll from Claudine Roelens



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Another loss for the Dutch dollworld / opnieuw een groot verlies voor de Nederlandstalige poppenwereld

Henny Schrijvershof overleed op 59 jarige leeftijd.  Zij maakte fantastische karakterpoppen.   Henny we zullen je missen !

Henny Shrijvershof died at the age of 59.  She made fantastic characterdolls.  Henny, we will miss you !


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